ARC 2019 Stages Overview

RELIVE ARC itinerary is as simple as it goes. Our goal is for you to forget you’re on a tour and immerse yourself into the nature and your own experience completely.
You will feel alone but we’ll be following your every step, making sure you have all you need.

RELIVE ARC will be the week that’ll compete for the craziest thing you’ve done in your life and it will start with us picking you at the airport. Groups will range from 2 to maximum 8 people and according to that you’ll be able to choose whether to land in Zagreb, Zadar or Split, preferably before noon. We’ll pack all your big bags and take you to the accommodation close to the adventure starting point. You’ll also get a chance to go shopping for everything you might need during the upcoming week, receive the maps and have briefing with us just as you would on the real world class adventure race. The next morning we’ll drop you off at the start line and set you free. At the end of the every stage (excluding few remote ones) we’ll be waiting for you with your gear to make your transition as smooth as possible. World class adventure racers sleep very little but it’ll be up to you if you occasionally want to open up the tent and get some sleep. 

Winning time of the race in 2019 was 73 hours so you can either try to beat that time or enjoy the intense week at your own pace, still much more extreme than regular tourist excursion. Keeping on moving is what makes this experience special and what will take you to the deepest places of your mind. During those 4 to 7 days, depending on your speed, you’ll experience Zadar region the hard way and we hope you’ll find the beauty in this inevitable pain. After reaching the finish line we’ll have a dinner together because we like hearing your experience as much as we love ours. You will have a well deserved night sleep and the next day we’ll take you back to airport, hopefully as a changed human.

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A little sneak preview of what you will experience

STAGE 1 The one with the pinch of salt

Welcome to the island Pag. According to historical documents, the name Pag was for the first time mentioned in the 10th century but the town as it is today was built 5 centuries later under the Venetian rule. Today it is best known for its salt extraction, cheese ad famous lacework. You will start your adventure on the main square, run through the old alleyways and find your kayaks on the beach. 30 kilometers long paddling section will take you next to the naked moonlike surfaces and give you a perfect view of what is to come – massive Velebit mountain.

STAGE 2 The one with the gallery

Velebit is the largest mountain range in Croatia and it powerfully rises from the sea level. A journey on foot will allow you to conquer 40 kilometers of technical terrain and feel what a tricky but breathtaking mountain Velebit is. Golden meadows, hidden forest paths, rocky scrambling sections, magnificent views…you will experience it all. Another gem on this leg is Jama Vrtlina, 70 meters deep pit where you will walk down and discover its depths. This trek is an eye candy from the beginning to the end.

STAGE 3 The one with the Master's road

Master’s road is a route design along the steep slopes of Velebit in 1832, with numerous hairpin bends between the canyons and the peaks. Still to this day it represents a masterful achievement in road construction. The maximum inclination of the road is 5.5%, which is within limits of even the current regulations on road construction. The ride will be relatively fast with one big uphill but the stunning views should take your mind off it.

STAGE 4 The one with the big pit

Felix Baumgartner did some crazy things but the one we like the most is his base jump into Mamet, 206 meter deep hole in southern Velebit. Luckily for them, competitors won’t have to do the same but they will have to prove their navigation skills and find their own unmarked route to the hole. This venture will be a fun challenge for the experienced orienteers but might turn into a mission for less skilled ones. The second half of the 25 kilometers long trek will be a descent to a fairytale waterfall on river Zrmanja where they will have to swim across and follow the river to the town Obrovac.

STAGE 5 The one with the moon river

Zrmanja River has penetrated its way towards the sea for many centuries and by breaking carbonate-based grounds, created one of the most impressive canyons in Croatia. Therefore it was protected as a significant landscape attracting a great number of nature lovers every year. 20 kilometers long kayaking down the river Zrmanja will be a perfect opportunity for you to rest your feet and experience huge white rock walls surrounding you.

STAGE 6 The one with the with windmills

Canyon of the White River is still one of those hidden places people haven’t heard about. The water dissolves deposited limestone which makes it look white. It is a hydrogeological phenomenon that leaves you puzzled. Teams will easily find their way through the canyon but once the greenery gets dense they will have to start making their plans. Passing through the few abandoned villages might even give them some goosebumps but windmills ahead will help them keep a good direction when in doubt.

STAGE 7 The one with the Napoleon's road

Hilly 73 kilometer ride through the old abandoned area will lead you over rarely used gravel and rocky roads full of stunning natural megaliths until you reach the well of river Zrmanja. Crystal clear water will be an important refreshment just as it was for Napoleon when he built the old gravel road that leads to it. The great thing about the Napoleon’s road is that it will take you back up to the plateau where the next TA is, the bad thing about it is that it is uphill, and then a bit more uphill.

STAGE 8 The one with antigravity rock

Oh, this one is such a treat! Even from the TA you will be able to see the top of a golden Poštak mountain and it will probably feel like a walk in the park until you reach strangely shaped rocks where the marked trail ends and the fun starts. On a clear day or night, you will be able to point a finger to each of their next CPs in the distance but in every other case, you might find yourself struggling to choose the best route. However, this leg will award you with nature and solitude we all dream about when we head out into the wilderness. It will be worth it! All of it!

STAGE 9 The one with the best rides

Most likely the best 45 biking kilometers of the race. From fun singletracks and shadowy dirt roads to hilly flow sections and romantic grass rides by the river. This leg has it all. You will also get a chance to dive into a small but a very deep lake Pećine to collect one of the CPs floating there, which might be fun during the day but torture during the night.

STAGE 10 The one with the fortress

Knin Fortress is located near the source of the river Krka and Croatian tallest mountain Dinara. It is the second-largest fortress in Croatia and most significant defensive stronghold. You will do a short loop in the fortress and get the taste of history among the strong and complex fortress walls.

STAGE 11 The one that's easy on the legs

This leg will be a much needed relax for the brain and legs. With only 250 meters of altitude gain and easy navigation, gravel roads will take you through the plateau above river Krka all the way to the canyon of river Čikola.

STAGE 12 The one with the steel cables

Short but technical 5 kilometer loop will challenge those afraid of heights and make the adrenaline flow again. Horizontal via Ferrata section is a fun scramble in the canyon of the river Čikola and even though it is dry during some parts of the year it is still a breathtaking lesson of what a whirlpool bottom looks like.

STAGE 13 The one with the perfect circle

Even though the river Čikola dries up in the summer, the perfect circle lake Torak in the middle of it never does. It looks unreal and magical but this will be no time for swimming. At this stage of the race, there isn’t much altitude difference anymore and it is time to ride hard since the paths are fast and clear.

STAGE 14 The one with the waterfall

This one is like a walk in the park…a national park. The whole leg will be full of temptations to stop and soak the view. Running down the beautiful marked path will take you into the heart of the magnificent Krka canyon until you reach Roški slap, a waterfall that is exceptionally interesting due to its cascades. Locals also call it the “necklace” due to the lush vegetation that creates it. This 18 kilometer long trek will test your running abilities after days of non-stop movement.

STAGE 15 The one with the figs

It’s almost all flat from here. You will be able to move fast and slowly start to feel the taste of the finish line. The last effort will be a short climb to Kamenjak above Vransko lake but once the view to the islands opens and you spot the finish line there will be only one focus – get down, do it fast and don’t forget to grab a fig from the tree.

STAGE 16 The one with the happy ending

Last 14 km kayaking leg will give you a chance to push for the one last time while contemplating on what you’ve been through. With many islands on the left side and the land on the right it is only a matter of time when you will reach the finish line and bring this adventure to the end.