ARC 2018 Stages Overview

RELIVE ARC itinerary is as simple as it goes. Our goal is for you to forget you’re on a tour and immerse yourself into the nature and your own experience completely.
You will feel alone but we’ll be following your every step, making sure you have all you need.

RELIVE ARC will be the week that’ll compete for the craziest thing you’ve done in your life and it will start with us picking you at the airport. Groups will range from 2 to maximum 8 people and according to that you’ll be able to choose whether to land in Zagreb, Zadar or Split, preferably before noon. We’ll pack all your big bags and take you to the accommodation close to the adventure starting point. You’ll also get a chance to go shopping for everything you might need during the upcoming week, receive the maps and have briefing with us just as you would on the real world class adventure race. The next morning we’ll drop you off at the start line and set you free. At the end of the every stage (excluding few remote ones) we’ll be waiting for you with your gear to make your transition as smooth as possible. World class adventure racers sleep very little but it’ll be up to you if you occasionally want to open up the tent and get some sleep. 

Winning time of the race in 2018 was 60 hours so you can either try to beat that time or enjoy the intense week at your own pace, still much more extreme than regular tourist excursion. Keeping on moving is what makes this experience special and what will take you to the deepest places of your mind. During those 3 to 5 days, depending on your speed, you’ll experience Zadar region the hard way and we hope you’ll find the beauty in this inevitable pain. After reaching the finish line we’ll have a dinner together because we like hearing your experience as much as we love ours. You will have a well deserved night sleep and the next day we’ll take you back to airport, hopefully as a changed human.

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A little sneak preview of what you will experience

STAGE 1 Salty lakes of Nin

Welcome to Nin, the old town situated in a lagoon on the eastern shore of the Adriatic sea. Historically known as the first Croatian royal town and now famous for its salt fields. Gregory of Nin, the bishop of Nin, will be the one to give you blessings for the start. You will start your journey on the main square, next to the 9th century Church of the Holy Cross and navigate your way from the salty fields to the sea.

STAGE 2 Paddle in the Starigrad Channel

30 kilometers long paddle from Nin to Starigrad will take you through island canals and let you experience Adriatic sea in its calm or rough phase. It could be a beautiful ride on turquoise water, but if the wind picks up you will have to fight to make your way to land. On the entire paddle you will have a clear view of what waits ahead, almost 2000 meters high mountain Velebit.

STAGE 3 From zero to hero

Velebit is the largest mountain range in Croatia and powerfully raises from the sea level. A journey on foot allows you to conquer 35 kilometeres of technical terrain through the gorge and feel what a tricky but breathtaking mountain Velebit is. You could enjoy the most amazing view and weather conditions but if the mountain decides to change its mood you might be in for a stormy treat. Summiting the Velebit’s second highest peak Sveto Brdo (1751m), the biggest comfort will be knowing that from now on it is mostly downhill.

STAGE 4 Master's Road

A first part of the 80 km bike leg will be a true eye candy. Rocky paths will make the ride bumpy but the Velebit vastness and view on the islands will be worth all of it.

STAGE 5 Tulove grede

Short 3 km hike will take you up to Tulove Grede, a weird karst phenomenon. Some folk tales say the dragons laid their eggs here and the invisible mountain villas were hiding in the rocks. The third mythical creature was believed to be the Black Queen who brought misfortune so the dire mountain pass was named the Queen’s Gate after her.

STAGE 6 Velebit plains

Second part of the 80 km bike leg will give you some time to relax and find your way downhill through the silent forests of Gračac area.

STAGE 7 Crnopac and The little prince path

Cerovac caves are the largest cave complex in Croatia. They are located on the north eastern slope of mountain Crnopac and will be your welcome place for the tricky 15 km hike ahead. After seeing the beauties of the underground you will navigate your way to the path of the Little Prince, which is a place that will tire your bodies but lift your spirits. Museum of limestone sculptures will be everywhere around you and it will lead you up to the peaks and down to the pits

STAGE 8 Bike to Krupa river

50 km bike leg from Gračac to Krupa will be a treat for bike lovers. Easy uphills, fun downhills, slightly technical terrain and beautiful views of the green and untouched nature.

STAGE 9 Krupa hike

Only 7 km long, until it flows into river Zrmanja, Krupa is a hidden paradise for adventurers. It has 19 waterfalls which are among the most beautiful ones in Croatia and its water is crystal clear and refreshing to drink. You will navigate your way through the canyon and if you’re skilled with maps zou will save some time choosing the right crossings and discovering your own routes. Krupa will leave no one indifferent.

STAGE 10 Zrmanja kayak

Zrmanja River has penetrated its way towards the sea for many centuries and by breaking carbonate based grounds, created one of the most impressive canyons in Croatia. Therefore it was protected as a significant landscape attracting a great number of nature lovers every year. Kayaking down the river Zrmanja will be a perfect opportunity for you to rest your feet and experience the excitement river provides.

STAGE 11 Krupa waterfall

A 1 km goat trail is a door to the secret universe. Small pool and a waterfall will tempt you to take rest and stay there. You will have to remain focused to resist the spell of this magic place.

STAGE 12 Zrmanja kayak

Continuing down the Zrmanja river you will have to cross the big waterfall and many more smaller rapids. The canyon will slowly open up but the clear cold water will keep you refreshed.

STAGE 13 Bike to Karin

Hilly 50 km ride through the old abandoned area will lead you over dirt and cracked concrete roads. Historical remains of the war will give you a feeling of the horrible past but the sea will be on the horizon again.

STAGE 14 White canyon

Canyon of the White river is still one of those hidden places people haven’t heard about. The water dissolves deposited limestone which makes it look white. It is a hydrogeological phenomenon. At the source of the river, you will have to enter a 225 meters long cave, full of living creatures and navigate your way to the very hidden check point. If anybody is afraid of bats, they should’ve worked on it earlier.

STAGE 15 Bike home

50 km long bike leg will be a fast lane to the city of Zadar. Mostly downhill and flat, you will be able to move fast and slowly start to feel the taste of the finish line.

STAGE 16 Zadar city orienteering

Zadar is the oldest continuosly inhabited city in Croatia. The area of present-day Zadar traces its earliest evidence of human life from the late Stone Age, while numerous settlements have been dated as early as the Neolithic. Zadar gained its urban structure in Roman times; during the time of Julius Ceasar and Emperor Augustus. You will navigate through the old town, experience the rich architectural culture and hear the most beautiful instrument in the world – the sea organ.

STAGE 17 Paddle to the finish

Last 11 km kayaking leg will give you a chance to push for the one last time while contemplating on what you’ve been through. With island Ugljan on the left side and the land on the right it is only a matter of time when you will reach the finish line.